From barmitzvahs to babies

A Message From PTP

When I first bumped into this lovely family in 2008 I had no idea we would become such good friends and that they would help launch me into the mad world of barmitzvah photography.Starting with their eldest son's simcha in June 2009, I then shot their middle child's simcha 2 years later. And when baby Isabella arrived - having made a beautiful entrance into the last party - thre was always going to be a fun family shoot in the planning. So tying in with their eldest son soon going off to Uni, I asked to photograph the whole family in their back garden as a momento of our friendship and shared good times. We also had to get a shot of the two son's holding their respective PTP barmitzvah photo albums for a laugh - how they've changed!It was such a treat to be with this lovely family again. I'm really looking forward to the weddings! ;-)