Josephine & Oliver | The Savoy

Jewish Wedding

A Message From PTP

Modern twists, respect for tradition, stamping their personalities, involving their parents & grandparents - Josephine & Oliver took the Jewish wedding rulebook and instead of ripping it up, they added a new chapter: "Doing It Our Way". From the beginning this coupld blew me away with their smart and focussed approach ot theirt wedding, undaunted by the delays and re-arrangements due to the pandemic. They knew what they wanted, wherever it was going to happen and on whichever date. With Josephine telling me how much she loved her family's trampoline, her cello and with both of them "smashing the glass" at the end of the ceremony, embracing a game of outdoor ping-pong by the river and insisting on ice-cream served at the end of the night, this was definitely THEIR day!