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A Message From PTP

Just after 17:40 local time on Sunday 8th November 2020, FlyDubai flight FZ8194 landed at Dubai International Airport, bringing Arab Israeli and Jewish Israeli tourists to the skyscraper-studded city after a near three-hour trip. The low-cost carrier had sent one of its Boeing 737s to Ben-Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv earlier that Sunday morning to pick up the passengers. The flight flew across Saudi Arabia and then over the waters of the Persian Gulf to reach the UAE, a federation of seven sheikhdoms also home to Abu Dhabi. This followed the international agreement - the Abraham Accords - that had been signed on 15th September which began the process of normalising relations between Israel, Bahrain and the UAE. A complete breakthrough for all those countries concerned.

Even the local Jewish community in Dubai with its small Synagogue previously-hidden in a residential area of the city state, the Jewish Council of the Emirates, sees the new change in the region as having wide-ranging benefits for all faiths. "They are called the Abrahamic Accords for a reason, and hence they signal that this agreement is much larger than a peace or political agreement. The accords are calling on us to reorder the way that we see each other and our basic relationship with each other—Jews, Christians and Muslims," said Ross Kriel, JCE President since 2013. Fast forward to January 2021 and across Dubai scores of Israeli visitors and business people have arrived, as well as Jewish weddings having taken place, making the most of more relaxed social distancing rules there and a plethora of venues, suppliers and agreeable weather at this time of year.

In my experience, having photographed over a dozen weddings in Dubai in recent years, the quality of venues, suppliers and planners as well as the wonderful weather and warm hospitality makes this a first-rate choice for a destination wedding. Because of its geographical position, I have seen many relatives from different areas of the world finding it easy and not too expensive to fly in to Dubai for a wedding celebration. And they then make a holiday of it while there.

Adding my experience of having worked in every major wedding venue and hotel in Dubai to over 10 years' photographing Jewish weddings in the UK and around the world, I am insanely excited at the prospect of being able to photograph a Jewish wedding in Dubai! This is why I am so happy to offer future Jewish wedding clients planning to get married in Dubai this exciting offer: For 2021 and 2022 Jewish wedding clients getting married in Dubai I am offering a unique Photography+Videography service, in conjunction with my video partners Denee Motion. Denis and Max as well as their whole team have filmed many weddings and parties with me in Dubai so having them with me in one team is such an easy choice for any bride & groom. Here it is...

PTP + Denee Motion in Dubai 2021 & 2022 - Just £6k for 3 days

If you book both companies we will guarantee the following wedding offer: 3days of coverage for just £6,000. This would be for a full day prior to the wedding, the wedding day, and a day-after beach session. This represents massive value of a 30% saving off our normal rates! This also includes all our costs - taxis, flights, accomodation - for the duration we are with you.

We also take great pleasure in recommending the superior professional service offered by Arieh Wagner and his team out in Dubai for kosher Jewish weddings. Arieh is very well known in the UK for planning and catering intimate and large Jewish weddings - principally at the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel in London. He is now offering an outstanding service in Dubai for his kosher Jewish clients. More info here -

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