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Jewish Wedding

A Message From PTP

Can we just pause a minute, take a break, catch our breath? Was Hayley & Dan's wedding not the most show-stopping, heart-pulsing, adrenalin-fuelled wedding in years?! From the start I have seen a couple withstand the vagaries of re-planning their wedding multiple times due to the pandemic but sticking to their original plan throughout. They wanted to give their families and friends an experience! Even at their "Forever Session" months before the wedding day (link below) I knew both of them loved the spotlight and wanted to make sure that their wedding reflected their personalities. It sure did! We have different bands on stage, siblings performing live, Hayley & Dan's all-time favourite soul singer Madeleine Bell flown in specially to perform live, video messages onscreen, a late night shoot in Soho thagt included a 2am dance in a basement cocktail bar. It's taken me a week to recover! But for Hayley & Dan this is just how they roll - and may they never change - Amen to that!