Emma & Adam | Fairmont Windsor

Jewish Wedding

A Message From PTP

You know when someone says "we need to start again, rewrite the rule book, start afresh, build on a blank canvass"? Well, Emma & Adam's wedding basically rewrote the rules of how a modern couple show, declare and indulge in their love and use their wedding day celebrations to show the world just how to do it. Emma & Adam - where do I start? Our zoom meeting with your Mum Laura, our dinner at the Adam & Eve pub in Mill Hill, our venue visit meeting with the dodgy entertainment on the public terrace (wtf?) - and all the details of getting everything just right on our whatsapp group - you've been sublime to work for. And the wedding day - BEYOND! Fabulous new venue (this was their first outdoor Jewish wedding ceremony ever), the sun stepped up to the plate, your smiles, your eyes, the way you hold hands, the way you kiss, the way you hug... I mean! And as for your bridesmaids and ushers, your families, your guests, your band - this is the new standard for modern fun Jewish weddings. I was obsessed, I still am, and I always will be. And you now have the copyright on the rules for a successful simcha - you own this space!

Client Testimonial

Paul, where to begin. From the bottom of our hearts, you have been the most incredible photographer to have as part of our wedding journey. From the meetings, studio chats, to todays wedding, you have listened to us and helped bring our vision to life. Thank you for being such an epic part of our wedding journey, we couldn’t be more grateful for you and we CANNOT WAIT to see the pics!

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