Barbs & Adam | Cape Town South Africa

Destination Wedding

A Message From PTP

EPIC. Simple as that. This was without doubt one the top weddings I've ever shot - from the fun-loving crazy party crowd of guests, to the warm sense of hospitable welcome I was afforded by both families, especially Adam's as everything was happening in his home town of Cape Town, South Africa. Having known Adam for many years through the UK event industry, although I knew no-one else other than the bride & groom - and there were 240 guests! - I really felt I was at a mate's wedding. The weather was sublime, the venue outstanding - and I really enjoyed and cherished the build-up to the big day. From the fun BBQ at Adam's parents' home on the Thursday evening, to the visit to their local synagogue and dinner afterwards on the Friday evening, to the Synagogue "Aufruf" call-up service on the Saturday morning and subsequent lunch. Then the big day - I'll let the photos re-tell the story. And finally the EPIC Clifton beach "trash-the-dress" photo shoot on the Monday - an idea I had first floated when we met last year and which Barbs in particular was super excited to have! This wedding will live long in the memory - here's to the fun times, awesome family members and a few cracking images to keep the good times fresh.

Client Testimonial

Unbelievable mate! Overwhelming, reliving, unbelievable! We can't wait to see all of them!

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