Laura & Julian | Wedding preview

Jewish Wedding

A Message From PTP

This was some story. Not your usual wedding enquiry. I've known Julian's sister Vicky for a few years and she recommended us to him - everything was sorted but I still felt we needed to meet. So in July of last year, Julian and I had lunch in town and immediately hit it off. We saw life the same way, with the same values of family, fun and friendship as well as a deep intense love of music.  This was going to be a fantastic wedding and working relationship.

Skip to August last year and I met Laura who is just so lovely and easy going - I could see that this pair were head over heels in love and really made for each other. We had tons of laughs and fun pics at her parents' home for their engagement shoot - a few of which were later used for the printed CD cover that accompanied their wedding music soundtrack - neat idea!

And so to the day - great weather, fun-filled friends, outstanding catering, one of London's swishest venues and a top top band - all the ingredients for the best day. Laura & Julian respected the importance of the tradition of a Jewish wedding whilst maintaining their own characters and personalities. This was no wedding organised for them - you could see and touch their style everywhere you looked - just how it should be.